Saturday, March 28, 2009

wedding photographs

Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to let you know that John Merrell, our ceremony photographer, has posted his photographs online.

His website is:
  • Once you are there, click “Online Viewing”
  • Then click “Joseph and Theresa Wedding” (2/21/2009)
  • Enter my maiden name (if you don’t know it, then you can’t see them! he he he)
  • Then click “OK”
  • VOILA!!

On our computer, it doesn’t let us scroll from one photo to the next, so you may have to open each photo individually, too. Also, he told us that it’s more expensive through the website, so if you want to order prints, just let us know the sizes and photo numbers (photo id’s are listed under the photos and look like this: 001 Joseph&Theresa) and we’ll get them for a cheaper rate directly through John.

Anyway, ENJOY!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!! Love you all...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

lake pleasant

Mom, Dad, Joe, Lucy Fur and I went camping this weekend to Lake Pleasant, just north of Phoenix.

My parents both work for Honeywell and, for years upon years upon years (since before it was even called Honeywell), there have been family events such as camping, Christmas parties, dances, rodeos, water park days, you name it! As kids, we always went to the annual Christmas parties, went to some rodeos and family water park days. We've never gone to the Lake Pleasant Campout and Fishing Derby but, apparently due to the economy, they are downsizing on their events for their employees and families. We've never gone to this campout before. Too bad, too, because it's probably the last one.

Anyway, I was actually a little hesitant to camp so close to Phoenix. It seemed like it wouldn't be the greatest "getaway", you know? When it came down to it, though, it was definitely a little crowded (people LOVE lakes here, man!) and there were people constantly driving back and forth kicking up dirt, but it actually turned out to be such a nice and relaxing weekend!! It was a little warm (pretty much the same temperature as Phoenix, since it's only about 30 miles to the North and West) and there was actually one point where we got hot enough to jump in the water. It definitely hasn't heated up fully yet since the summer hasn't "exactly" started yet, but it was so refreshing!!

We stayed up at night listening to dad jam on his guitar around the campfire, we walked around exploring, Lucy had a blast running around in and out of the water, played UNO, and.....of course, we sat around alot to just relax, chat, eat and just "be".

Enjoy the pictures...

A view of Lake Pleasant.
(you can see campers packed in on the left side)

Our campsite.

Joe splashing up some water.

Lucy ran around so much sniffing everything and playing in the water.
It's so cute when she's so exhausted that she just plops down to rest.

I love camping. Really can't get enough of it.
And this picture just tops it all off.

View MORE of our pictures from the camping trip HERE!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

oh heavenly day...

Hey everyone!!!

We just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few pictures from the most heavenly day. We actually had two different photographers on our wedding day - one who took pictures at the church/ceremony (a guy named John) and one who was there snapping pictures of everyone all day long (a gal named Sam).

The following are just a few samples of pictures that were taken by Sam, who I met through my friend, Lindsay (who I knew from way back in grade know, right around the age where boys and girls started getting little things called "crushes" on each other). Both Lindsay and Sam are the most genuine and artistic people you'll ever meet (take a look at their blogs and you'll see for yourself!). In addition, Sam is such a talented and (dare I say) humble artist who just captured things perfectly. So we thought we'd share a few of her portraits from our most heavenly day!!


And stay tuned for more to come...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

we've been busy...

Which is why we haven't posted in a while (not that I post that much...). Guests started arriving Monday February 16th, and everything went into fast forward. Wednesday Anna (muchacha) and T started to make the cake. Thursday I went and tried on my tuxedo to make sure everything fit correctly, met up with all my groomsmen and some family there. Later in the afternoon I went and got a haircut, then we went down to Theresa's parents house for an excellent dinner with family and friends. Following the dinner everybody in the wedding went to Holy Spirit in Tempe for the rehearsal. I was sweating profusely I was so nervous. Friday morning everybody met up at the Kolberg's again, and the girls went to do their spa thing while I took all the guys to Dave and Busters for some lunch and games. After we had spent enough money we headed back to Theresa's parents house for another great dinner with family and friends. After that T and I had to split up and go to seperate hotels for the night. I went to the Hawthorne Suites in Tempe where most of my family was staying, and Theresa went to the Fiesta Inn where a lot of her family and friends were staying. I probably wouldn't have slept at all without a sleeping pill that night, and even after taking one I only slept about 6 hours. Saturday morning I had breakfast at the hotel with the fam, then went to run some last minute errands. First stop was Target (I needed black dress socks!), then Starbucks, then back to the hotel to check out (forgot my hiking boots there, they still haven't turned up). Went to a drug store and got nail clippers (gotta have the nails neat in case the photographer wanted those "both our rings together" pictures. Had lunch with Ray (stress doesn't seem to effect my appetite) and headed over to the church. Briefly considered running to Mexico (just kidding !!!!). I waited anxiously in the Sacristy, peeking out the door as the church filled up. The ceremony went off with only a small hitch (apparently fingers get swollen and make it hard to get rings on), that most people didn't even notice, and everything went beautifully! After about 3.5 billion photos we made our way over to the reception. Everything was perfect, we had great meal, danced more than we ever had before, 2 million more photos, hours spent talking to friends and relatives and then it was all over way too soon, but it was the one of happiest days of my life. The hotel hooked us up with the Presidential Suite that was nicer than I thought it would be. Sunday morning we slept in, then headed over to pick up our precious little puppy, then went to Theresa's parents house once more to hang out with family, and open presents (we are working on the thank you notes now, they may take a while because people were too generous). Monday the real world made a brief appearance when my truck wouldn't start, but we didn't let that ruin our day, we just loaded up the car and took off ! I'll let T tell you all about our camping trip in a later post because I need to go to bed !
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