Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds


Yes. That is my real name.

I was born in October of 2007 and met my humans, Joe and Theresa, in late November when I was just about 2 months old. I don't remember much about the day they first came to meet me, other than the fact that they kept trying to play with me and get my attention. But I didn't really care. All I wanted to do was run around and play with my brothers and sisters.

They came back a few days later to pick me up and, boy, I did NOT enjoy that ride to my new home. That first night was pretty rough. They put me in this small crate in the kitchen. It was AWFUL and all I wanted to do what cuddle with my family. And they wonder why I didn't sleep much that first night. But I woke up the next day and then something weird happened. They started to say "Lucy" a lot. Lucy this. Lucy that. And they would always look at me when they said it. Strange humans! After awhile, I realized that if I looked at them when they said my name, they would give me treats. Man, I love treats!! So I started looking at them whenever they said my name and they started switching it up by trying to get me to do other things like sit, lay down, shake, etc. So I started to realize that if I did those things, they would STILL give me treats. Sit down? Really? Come on, humans....I can do that with my eyes closed. But, hey, if you're handing out the treats, I can sit down all you want me to.

Anyway, time kept going by and I realized that Joe and Theresa are really not that bad at all. They play with me, take me for hikes, take me camping, take me swimming, take me to the dog they feed me, clean me, AND they pick up my poop. Seriously! Anyone who picks up MY poop must REALLY love me!

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