Thursday, January 20, 2011

kickin' ehrlichiosis to the curb

I noticed that we haven’t posted an update about Lucy in a while. This is pretty much because there hasn’t really been any news to report other than the latest hip dysplasia debacle. But do you remember December of ’09 when she almost died? A flip through our blogs over the past year (there aren't too many) will jog your memory.

In a nutshell…she’s had tick fever (ehrlichiosis) since Dec 2009...or possibly longer, depending on when she was first infected. And the vet's tick fever titer results were never good enough for them to want to get rid of the medication completely, so she has basically been on doxycycline for over a year straight now. Poor little beagle liver!

Here is what I know about tick titers (which isn’t a lot):
  • Bloodwork helps measure the system/antibody response to tick fever
  • Based on the response to the tick fever, the titer is given a ratio (such as 1:20, or 1:115)
  • A result of 1:20 or less means that the system/antibodies have extremely little to no exposure to the tick fever
  • A result of between 1:50 and 1:150 means that the system/antibodies have low exposure to the tick fever
  • A result of 1:1250, for example, would mean that the system/antibodies have an extremely high exposure to the tick fever

When Lucy was first tested for tick fever, her titer results were 1:1250. Medication treatment commenced. The next time she was tested, her titer results were 1:1280 (even higher than before). Medication treatment was adjusted and continued. The next time she was tested, her titer results were still at 1:1280. Medication treatment continued. Now...

Six months after the last testing...

Her titer results are at 1:160. Yeah. Totally not kidding. Her system's/antibodies' response to the ehrlichiosis has dropped so drastically that they have suggested that we stop the doxycycline altogether! We'll have a retest in a few weeks and if the results go up, that will mean the ehrlichiosis is active again, so KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED that it stays the same or gets even lower. I know she likes the yummy pill pockets that the pills go in, but her liver needs a break.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

our baby is going to be french canadian

Hey everyone!

Great news last week, huh? Yep. We are having a baby! So cool.

We are due in August (the freakin HOTTEST month of the year, might I add) and I am approximately nine weeks along. It's kind of confusing because one book/website will say I'm 8 weeks, another will say I'm 9, and yet another has said I'm 10 weeks now but really 9 weeks and 2 days. Yeah. Confusing. So I'll just guesstimate and say that I'm 9 weeks.

Once everything with the pregnancy was confirmed, I was going to try to wait for the entire first trimester to be complete before spreading the official news, just in case something terrible happens. But I don't really want to live in fear and plus...I just couldn't wait any longer. And I don't think Joe could either because he was itching to post the ultrasound pictures on Facebook.

The human body is spectacular. And, for the most part, I don't feel any physical differences. Well...other than peeing every hour (even during the middle of the night), feeling queasy pretty much all day, and feeling completely wiped out by 6pm every night. But other than that, it's been just normal. Every once in a while, though, I catch myself really thinking that I have a little human growing inside of me. It's kind of weird, and I feel like everything is still kind of surreal...but it's also exciting and amazing at the same time.

Also, here is another ultrasound picture. It is slightly different than the one form the previous post, but I thought I'd post it as well since there won't be any new pictures until the end of February.

One thing that is kind of funny is that Joe and Lucy have both had so many more ultrasounds than me. And I'm willing to bet that when the pregnancy is over, both of them combined will still have had more. But...I think it's just so amazing that they can do ultrasounds. I know they weren't around when my mom was pregnant with it's really neat that they can check things out periodically to monitor growth and overall development. I think on one hand it makes us all more obesessive and hyper-vigilant about everything...but on the other hand it is really important in case there are potential issues that need to be addressed.

Anyway, they said everything looked great - that the embryo was the right size for where I am in the pregnancy, and that the heartbeat was a strong 179 beats per minute. Sounds like a really fast heartbeat to me...but if they say it's good and strong, then I believe it's good and strong.

On a side note: For those who are following our progress on our teardrop, part of our delay has been trying to decide how to add room for a third little tiny person. Normally teardrop trailers are for two people, but we'll be able to add a little baby perch somewhere inside. We've drawn a couple sketches, though, and are hoping to get started with that project again soon (and finished before August!). Then once we've used the trailer for awhile and the kid gets too big, then we'll just make him/her sleep in a tent while Joe and I get the trailer.

KIDDING, people.

Totally kidding.

It would be Joe sleeping in the tent.


Friday, January 14, 2011

the eggo is preggo

Dear Family and Friends,

The start of the New Year always brings new hope for a year filled with much happiness, excitement and...of course...fulfilling all of your New Year's Resolutions! This year, among my most important resolutions are:
  • Be healthy and exercise 5 days a week,
  • Take more classes towards my master's degree program,
  • Be more assertive at work,
  • Save more money and do less unnecessary spending, and
  • Stop biting my nails (Yes, this is embarrassing, but last year I lasted from January until August. So I can do it!!)
Also, from the end of 2009 through the end of 2010, I lost a net total of 35 pounds and am so grateful for that! One of my TOP resolutions for 2011 was actually going to be - lose 35 more pounds!! However, that may not be a realistic goal for this year, and here's why:

Joe and I are having a baby!!

Yep. You read that right. I'm pregnant! So...not only will I NOT be losing 35 more pounds, I will probably be gaining most of it back. But I wanted you to know the REAL reason for the weight gain so you don't think I'm just chowing down on Oreo's all the time. :-)

I love you all and will keep in touch with updates and pictures as much as I can. And keep your fingers and toes crossed for us! We feel so blessed by this and are hoping that everything continues to go well.

Theresa (and Joe and Lucy)

PS - Our scanner is ill or something, so I apologize for the not-so-nicely-scanned scanned image.
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